Lisa Prank Perfect Love Song

Lisa Prank Perfect Love Song
Pop punk band Lisa Prank's latest album, Perfect Love Song, lands in a manner similar to the gut-punch of Hole's candy-coated "Hit So Hard." It's messy feelings delivered in a saccharine Trapper Keeper of a record. The roaring guitars and cavorting beats keep the searing lyrics flirting with, but never succumbing to, the maudlin.
Robin Edwards, the band's sole founding member, brings to the traditionally male-dominated punk scene some caustically introspective songs, like "IUD" and "Truth About You," whose refrain, "I wasn't losing my mind," is familiar. The song is an attempt to regain power after being gaslit.
Perfect Love Song is product of Edwards' anchor-like friendships. Close friend Rose Melberg sings harmonies on a few tracks, such as "Ignore It," and supported Edwards through difficult moments in production. Friend and bandmate Bree McKenna was a sounding board for some of the lyrics, and plays bass on the album.
With "Ignore it," Edwards depicts the circuitous way thoughts scurry after a breakup. Despite its upbeat tenor, there's something lacing Edwards' voice that speaks to the labour of life after the end. She reveals that unglamorous moment when all you want is to sleep thoughtlessly and tearlessly, but you keep wondering how you're supposed to forget.
Rounding out the album is the delicate "Telescope," co-written with Melberg, which lists the detritus of a past relationship. Edwards' and Melberg's voices are like a ghostly chorus.
The record is cohesive at first listen, haunting at second. It'll empower and it'll break hearts. (Father/Daughter)