Lioness Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto ON August 12

Lioness Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto ON August 12
Legend has it that the ghost of J.P. Radan Muller, a murdered alcohol bootlegger from the 19th century, haunts the lighthouse at Gibraltar Point. If this is true, then Lioness surely must have conjured his restless spirit with their set of dark and haunting dance rock.

Wearing studded stilettos and a black bodysuit decorated with feathers, lead singer Vanessa Fischer struck confident and glamorous poses throughout the performance. She proved to be an imposing frontwoman, especially with the added power from drummer Jeff Scheven and bassist Ronnie Morris.

Lioness received one of the most positive reactions from the audience of any act to play at the fourth annual ALL CAPS! festival. They've been active since 2007, and their ability to inspire fervent fandom should hopefully translate to at least another five years as a fixture of the Toronto indie scene.

The band closed out with "The Night" off this year's stellar The Golden Killer, and then sent Mr. Muller packing back to his lighthouse to sip moonshine and creep out the residents of Toronto Island for all eternity.

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