l i l a's 'recollection' EP Is a Soul-Soothing Gem

BY Yara El-SoueidiPublished May 20, 2021

recollection, the latest EP from Quebec City singer-songwriter l i l a, is a soul-soothing musical gem. Where her 2018 EP Quiet as Fire focused on her lyrics and songwriting talent, recollection features more ornate arrangements. This difference is most noticeable on "stuck with silver," as the singer-songwriter opens up very slowly, moving from an ethereal sound to a drum-heavy beat that is closer in resemblance to bedroom pop than her usual dark folk.

recollection is a more mature piece of work. While l i l a still explores sad experiences, she manages to avoid bogging down her songs in despair. Where Quiet as Fire was built on dark, sad arrangements, recollection is more complex, exploring vivid sounds and compositions. l i l a's voice sounds clearer. It harmonizes with the elements of her songs rather than sitting at the centre of the stage. This is especially true on "winter," where each of the instruments finds its place without overwhelming her voice.

On recollection, l i l a's music is reminiscent of Gia Margaret, Half Waif and early Milk & Bone, while never falling into imitation. She crafts her own sound, creating a place for her work, enhancing her beautiful songwriting through her crystalline and soft-spoken presence.

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