Lil Jon Visited a Toronto Pizza Restaurant This Weekend

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Photo via Four Brothers Pizza on Facebook

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 24, 2022

Yeah! Lil Jon did what? He visited Toronto pizza restaurant Four Brothers Pizza, okay!

As it turns out, the curator of crunk was in town this weekend to celebrate the sixth anniversary of REBEL nightclub — a place where you really need to be "Outta Your Mind." While Lil Jon was in the neighbourhood, he stopped by the King West pizza place to grab a slice and pose for a photo, which Four Brothers posted to their Instagram account.
With additional locations in Oakville and Mississauga, the family-owned pizzeria has been flipping dough since 1990. Four Brothers is known for having perfected the classics as well as having unique menu items like "stuffed pizza skulls" and rolled bite-sized "pizza twirls." They also do chicken wings and juice! London, ON's Loud Luxury even filmed the music video for their JUNO-winning dance hit "Body" at the Oakville location.

Likewise, this wasn't Lil Jon's first time turning up for Four Brothers Pizza; he's pictured on the restaurant's Facebook page in a post from 2016.

"Jon is a big fan of our smoked tequila lime-flavoured chicken wings," Farhad Ghousy, one of the Four Brothers owners, told blogTO. "He has visited our other location before and fell in love with them and visits us every time he's in town. Jon was just with his security who had our pizza twirls."

Ghousy added, "There was one time when Jon jumped behind the counter and took a customer's order at our Oakville location. It was a pretty fun and neat experience. He's super funny, friendly and great to our customers and staff."

Maybe Lil Jon will throw on an apron and bend ova the pizza oven (with his dreads safely secured in a hairnet, obviously) the next time he comes through.

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