Lil Jon Says Crunk Rock Will Be out This summer

Lil Jon Says <i>Crunk Rock</i> Will Be out This summer
Trying to discern when rap albums will actually be released is such a cruel game. The latest culprit of this frustrating schedule juggling is former Eastside Boyz rapper Lil Jon. Last September, the Atlanta rapper promised that Crunk Rock, his long-anticipated solo debut, would be out in November. Now, four months after the supposed release date, there's still no sign of the album.

To prove that the album even exists, Lil Jon recently dropped a statement describing the album's sound. "I gave them every kind of Lil Jon that they have ever heard on an album," he said. "From the crunk shit, to R&B, to house, electro and rock... The album is on a whole other level... I can't wait for da' people to hear it!!!"

Crunk Rock is said to include appearances from R. Kelly, the Game, Pitbull, Elephant Man, Soulja Boy, the Ying Yang Twins and, unfortunately, 3OH!3. No word on whether or not the rapper could peg that King of Leon collabo he was holding out for.

Either way, the album is supposed to be coming out on June 8 via Universal Republic. We really hope it actually does this time, because if it takes any longer we're going to forget what the word "crunk" means.