Lil B's Life Explored in 'Basedworld' Documentary

Lil B's Life Explored in 'Basedworld' Documentary
Beloved Bay Area gonzo rapper Lil B the Based God is a truly one-of-a-kind performer, and one who's deep, cavernous catalogue includes thousands and thousands of songs. It's at the point where we aren't even surprised when he drops a six-hour, 101-song mixtape. That work ethic, combined with his endlessly positive world outlook and cult-like fan base, makes him perfect fodder for a documentary. Thankfully, a new film is set to arrive this year.

As Consequence of Sound reports, Lil B's life story will be told in a new documentary called Basedworld.

An IMDb listing says the film will be 95 minutes long, and it currently has a release date of September 17. The film is listed as being in post-production.

The page also offers the following synopsis (sic throughout):

Basedworld starring brandon "lil b" mccartney is a unique expose on the bay area rapper as he navigates his way through the world living the positive "based" lifestyle. After hitting the top of the charts as a 15 year old with his group the pack and the "vans song" the pack went into obscurity as another record label casualty. Abandoned by the record industry we watch as lil b resurrects his career at the young age of 19 by recording thousands of songs starting 150 myspace pages and amassing thousands devoted fans, becoming one of the most sought after new media entertainers in the world. This is an uplifting story of hope and perseverance and shines a light on one of america's brightest new stars.

Producer Ethan Higbee shared the above behind-the-scenes photo from the flick on his Instagram.

A four-year-old movie trailer for Basedworld can be streamed below.