Lil B Releases 'TYBG Meme Generator' App

Lil B Releases 'TYBG Meme Generator' App
It's been a little while since Lil B released any new music, likely because his Basedworld Studios was damaged in a house fire. Before he puts the finishing touches on his sure-to-be legendary Thugged Out Pissed Off mixtape, he's giving the world another gift in the form of a new mobile app.

Following his emoji app and his vegEMOJI app, the rap deity has unveiled the TYBG Meme Creator. Anyone who follows Lil B on his various social media outposts knows that, in addition to amateur photography and an unquenchable foot fetish, he loves to post "thank you Based God" memes.

The new app gives you the opportunity to upload your own photo, then add Lil B-praising text. It's so simple, and yet so necessary.

Speaking with Complex, who announced the life-changing tech, Lil B said, "With this app, this meme generator, because I'm the artist that made memes popular in rap and now the world, I decided to put the generator straight from the source.... Fans care about [memes within music] now because of the emphasis I put on it."

In related Lil B news, the artist recently posted some extremely rare photos of Keke the Adopted Tabby Cat, the first tabby cat to ever receive a hip-hop recording contract, on his Tumblr. Those are available below. Listen to Keke's first single here.