Lil B "Think I'm BasedGod (Remix)" (video)

Lil B 'Think I'm BasedGod (Remix)' (video)
Perhaps unsurprisingly, 24-7 rap deliverer Lil B has another video premiere, this time supporting his Ultimate Bitch mixtape's person-explaining "Think I'm BasedGod" remix. We'll warn you ahead of time, though, that while it isn't necessarily NSFW-worthy, the West Coast MC keeps things creepy in the clip.

The remix features a slower sample than the 2011 original and a more monotone flow from B that leaves him explaining why he's the Based God. The video first has the rapper sharing his bed with a couple of women, with the pair being groped and rubbed before they all undertake a fully-clothed shower scene.

Halfway between a last-minute rap video shoot and a low-budget Girls Gone Wild video, you'll find the visuals down below.