Lil B Red Flame: Devil Music Edition

Lil B <i>Red Flame: Devil Music Edition</i>
Only rap lunatic Lil B would unleash a 676-song mixtape and follow it up with another release a week later. Of course, that's exactly what he's done with the release of Red Flame: Devil Music Edition, the third mixtape in his ongoing Red Flame series.

According to a quote from the Based God himself, "Real kills will die to this music. This is the last angry music from Lil B." We're not sure why, exactly, but we're guessing B's growing fame and sultry fanbase are giving him reason for celebration.

Whatever the case may be, B's Red Flame: Devil Music Edition can be downloaded here via 2dopeboyz. A tracklisting is available below.

Red Flame: Devil Music Edition:

 1. "Don't Let Me Die"

2. "Fake Family"

3. "Got The Mack Loaded"

4. "Illusions Of Granduer"

5. "Don't Miss The Gems"

6. "Devil Music"

7. "Prayer To Music"

8. "Back To Back Target"

9. "Just A Movie"

10. "I Love You"

11. "Dior Denim"