Lil B "I Love You" (video)

Lil B 'I Love You' (video)
Though he hasn't dropped a mixtape in a minute, divisive and prolific rapper Lil B has not been sitting around idly. Instead, the rapper has revisited his 2012 classic God's Father to drop a video for the heartwarming track "I Love You."

The video starts off like any other B clip, with the rapper traveling to a special location to deliver his rhymes. This time, he chose what looks like an aquarium shop.

It's all going as normal, until the song cuts out halfway through and we are treated to a real moment of Lil B crying real tears. It's the sort of emotional rawness that will have his fans and haters fighting hard in the YouTube comment section.

Check out the video for "I Love You" below, and click through to protect the Based God at all costs in the comments.