Lil B "I Can't Breathe"

Lil B 'I Can't Breathe'
A day since Lil B ranted about being blocked from Facebook, the outspoken rapper is continuing in his provocative ways by releasing a track called "I Can't Breathe."

The title is a reference to the death of Eric Garner, who was killed by a police officer who put him in a chokehold.

The track has a urgent start-stop beat, while Lil B's lyrics touch on many of the same themes as his recent Facebook posts, like racism and rape. The video is sub-titled "LIFE CHANGING FIRST EVER TO SPEAK," which the YouTube descriptions reads, "ALL I CAN SAY IS LIL B LOVES YOU, CRY TO THIS IF YOU HAVE A HEART - Lil B."

He tweeted that this is the "MOST IMPORTANT SONG IN HIP HOP / MUSIC TODAY!"

The stream appears to include two songs, since there's a pause before a completely different-soudning track begins at the 4:14 mark. Hear it below.