Lil B "California Boy" (video)

Lil B 'California Boy' (video)
We've always thought of him as something like the Wesley Willis of rap, but Lil B is one step closer to becoming straight-up Wesley Willis with the release of his debut rock song. Earlier this year, he promised that he'll release a "garage punk" album called California Boy, and now we get the title track, complete with a seriously ridiculous music video.

Lil B probably hasn't listened to the Oblivians in a while (or ever), because his understanding of "garage punk" is more like a bad Hootie and the Blowfish song. Still, when it comes to the Based God, we are full of forgiveness. After all, despite how hard it is to listen, it's still a lot of fun.

The video is equally bonkers, with B strutting around California, hanging out with groupies and stalking a young blonde girl. We're pretty curious about how his backing band came into play, though one look at their outfits and hair suggest B just stopped by his local guitar shop and shot the shit with some cashiers.

Either way, check out "California Boy" below. In the words of the legend himself, "LIL B HAS MADE HISTORY."