Lights "Running With The Boys" on Exclaim! TV

Lights 'Running With The Boys' on Exclaim! TV
Influenced by artists such as Björk, Kate Bush and Patti Smith, Lights has described her latest record as "a complete journey, from front to back." In an interview with Billboard, she detailed finding herself looking to female songwriting legends for creative inspiration in her goal to make an album, "incredible songs that everyone can sing along to and lyrically latch onto."

We met up with the Toronto artist over a plate of nachos at Sneaky Dee's to hear an acoustic rendition of "Running With the Boys," the second single from the recently released third studio album, Little Machines.

Accompanied by a guitarist doubling on backing vocals, Lights effectively strips away all traces of the electronics that dominate the studio recording of the song. Delicate acoustic finger-picking becomes stronger strumming in the build towards a powerful finish, with Lights reaching high up into her vocal register at the song's climax.

Watch the performance in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan