Light This City

Terminal Bloom

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished May 22, 2018

When bands announce they're going on hiatus, you never really know whether they'll actually return. While ten years have passed since melodic death metal act Light This City left, their latest record, Terminal Bloom, sounds as if they never went away. The new album picks up where the band left off, bringing a flurry of shredding solos, furious blast beats and searing riffs.
Light This City have always strived to emulate a sound in the vein of legends such as Carcass and In Flames, but on the new album, the band manage to bring themselves even with their predecessors. Their execution of grinding thrash and death metal riffs are perfectly exhibited on tracks such as "Dormant Tide" or "Agents Of Fate," while songs like "Terminal Bloom" or "Extinguished" show they can add some groove without coming across as inauthentic.
Losing no passion in her time away from the band, Laura Nichol's vocals are razor sharp throughout the record. The vocalist draws from a diverse range of lyrical topics, diving into everything from Greek mythology on "A Grotesque Reflection" to the death of her brother on "Extinguished." The lyricism achieves a heavy tone without drenching the songs in cliché death metal imagery.
The idea of a band coming back from hiatus after so long can be daunting, but Light This City have returned with more energy than when they left. Terminal Bloom is the record fans of the band have been waiting so long to hear and the ideal situation for a re-emerging artist.
(Creator Destructor)

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