Light This City


BY Bill WhishPublished Nov 19, 2008

Although San Francisco is best known for thrash, Light This City are out to prove that a little bit of European melodic death metal can be spawned from the Bay Area. Well, I should say that Light This City "were" out to prove this claim, as the band broke up over the summer. However, we are left with their swansong, Stormchaser, which should get toes tapping from fans of traditional melodic death from overseas. Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects about this young band is their lead singer, Laura Nichol, who follows in the footsteps of Angela Gossow and spits fire like few can. Nichol's growls are impressive, and the variation of the sound emitting from the band behind her is noteworthy as well. Mostly taking the melodic elements of the Gothenburg scene, in the same way that Darkest Hour do, there are thankfully a few more varied moments on Stormchaser that sound akin to bands such as Edge of Sanity. Although they have broken up, Stormchaser is a strong final testament for the young thrashers to leave behind.

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