Light Fires Café Cléopatra, Montreal QC, November 20

Light Fires Café Cléopatra, Montreal QC, November 20
Photo: Luke Orlando
For the uninitiated, Light Fires is the musical collaboration of Gentleman Reg and James Bunton, an '80s electro-dance patchwork that led to the release of their debut album, Face, in 2013. For their live performances, Gentleman Reg performs solo as Regina the Gentlelady, assisted solely by an iPod and a stool. After performing an opening set at the Unicorns' comeback gig at Pop Montreal, many were left perplexed as to what they had witnessed; to see Light Fires live is to be drawn into Regina's entrancing world and leaving any preconceived ideas of what constitutes a "musical performance" at the door.

After the crowd left much to be desired during the Posterz' satisfying set, it was a bit worrying to see Regina set up while the handful of patrons mulled around and chatted, but by about halfway through "I'll Be Your Body," the front of the stage had filled up and the dance party had began, while members of July Talk made good on their promise, with Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis front and centre.

Regina strutted around, vogueing, bouncing, and recreating fitness moves from '80s workout videos while singing and stripping layers of clothing off. By the time the Owen Pallett-featuring "Dependent" started, almost everybody in attendance was dancing along to Regina's karate-kid moves and floor grinding. "Let's Get Divorced" was the highlight of the set, as it encapsulated the sheer ridiculousness and unabashed fun of Light Fires, all drag kitsch and tongue-in-cheek spirit.