A Life Once Lost Iron Gag

If A Life Once Lost’s vocalist Robert Meadows felt constricted in his writing on Hunter, then the band’s latest release, Iron Gag, is Meadows’ complete freedom by comparison. All of the 11 heavy-hitting tracks feature extremely aggressive and borderline vicious lyrical content, especially in "Pigeonholed,” where it seems Meadows is sending a direct "fuck you” out to whomever has crossed him. What’s most interesting about the album is the band’s ability to smoothly transition between a rock-ish sound to full-on metal. "Firewater Joyride” and "The Wanderer” demonstrate the band’s rock aesthetic, while "Worship” and "Others Die” portray A Life Once Lost’s metal side. Though the album only garners moderate interest for me, it’s evident the band have come up with something intelligent and fresh for their fans. (Ferret)