Liam Gallagher on Oasis: "I Don't Think We Should Have Ever Split Up in the First Place"

Liam Gallagher on Oasis: 'I Don't Think We Should Have Ever Split Up in the First Place'
Yet another round of media back-and-forth between Liam and Noel Gallagher has been made possible thanks to the arrival of the Oasis doc Supersonic and the reissue of the band's Be Here Now. While Noel recently admitted that he thought they should have never made that album, Liam is singing a different tune in saying the band shouldn't have split up to begin with.

Speaking with the Toronto Sun, the younger Gallagher indicated he wouldn't rule out reforming the group, after completing projects of his own. "When I say it's going to happen all I read about is loads of dickheads saying, 'He's desperate,'" Liam explained.

"I ain't fucking desperate man. I'm in the studio doing a fucking solo record. Now that's going to be great," he continued. "And we'll be rocking and we'll be doing a tour and all that of course. I've had my three years where it could have happened [following the breakup of Beady Eye]. But obviously Noel was doing his thing [with High Flying Birds], so if it does happen, it'll have to wait."

Lest you miss his point, he flat out admitted the mistake: "I don't think we should have ever split up in the first place."

Regarding his older sibling's comments on Be Here Now, Liam told his brother to "fuck of [sic], you little toad" to the tune of ABBA's "Money Money Money," on top of labelling him a "shit bag" for skipping out on premiere screenings of the documentary.

Supersonic will hit movie screens in Canada on October 27, and you can prepare yourself for the deep dive into Oasis's past with a look at Exclaim!'s recent timeline feature on the band here. What's more, you can brush up on your own badmouthing skills with our Noel Gallagher Insult Generator.