​Liam Gallagher Signs Deal for Solo LP

​Liam Gallagher Signs Deal for Solo LP
Since pulling the plug on Oasis and Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher has taken up tormenting his brother Noel on Twitter with name-calling comparisons to potatoes. But now, the younger Gallagher and former Oasis singer has announced plans for a new musical project.
He has inked a deal with Warner Bros. to release a solo record in 2017.
Earlier this year, Noel hinted in an interview that he thought Liam would probably follow in his footsteps and embark on a solo career — but Liam vehemently denied the claim on Twitter.
As of this morning (August 25), though, he's had a change of heart.
And while that may sound like exactly the type of album announcement we'd expect from Gallagher, he did offer up a slightly more polite statement, as well.
"Very excited to be signing to the mighty Warner Brothers; looking forward to making some super sweet sounds," Gallagher said. "Keep the faith!"
Warner Bros. UK president Phil Christie, meanwhile, offered: "Liam's one of the all-time greats — brilliant, distinctive, controversial and captivating."
In an interview with Q earlier this week, Gallagher gave some insight into the forthcoming material.
"I am not embarking on a solo 'career,'" he said. "Everyone should know that. There are just 10, 11 songs I've written that are eligible to be recorded. They've got flair, attitude, the melodies are sick and the words are fucking funny. We'll record them this year and release it next year. It'll shock people. It's a record written by me, that's got all the right ingredients and sounds well tasty. You won't be scratching your chin. It's not Pink Floyd and it ain't Radiohead. It's chin-out music."
He also revealed that he's been working with "two lads" on the new tunes, but that the arrangements should be fairly minimal, sticking to an acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, a drum kit and small keyboard.
It may still be a while before we actually get to hear a bit of the new record, but anyone looking for a Liam Gallagher fix can catch the new Oasis documentary Supersonic in theatres October 2. A reissue of Be Here Now is also slated to drop on October 7.