Liam Gallagher Explains How Yoko Ono Inspired One of His New Songs

Liam Gallagher Explains How Yoko Ono Inspired One of His New Songs
It's no secret that Liam Gallagher's a huge Beatles fan — he named his kid Lennon, for crying out loud. And while plenty of his music has been influenced by the Fab Four, it's John Lennon's widow that inspired "I've All I Need" off his upcoming solo debut As You Were.
In an interview with Radio X, Gallagher revealed that the track was inspired by a past meeting with artist, activist and Lennon's famed partner, Yoko Ono.
Apparently, the pair met in New York (shortly after Gallagher had christened his son in the Beatle's honour), and as Ono was making him a cup of tea in her kitchen, he inquired about the meaning of a massive banner that was hanging up.
"She goes, 'Ah John asked the same question when we went to Japan to meet the parents,'" Gallagher recounted. "Anyway it says, 'While I've been hibernating I've been gathering my wings.' And it was when he'd stopped making music. So I thought, 'Write that down.'"
Now, a long time later, those lyrics have finally worked their way into a song called "I've All I Need."
"Anyway, so years go by and I've been trying to get that into a song and could never get it in," he explained. "And then it happened on that."
You can hear the lyrics in recorded form when As You Were lands on October 6 via Warner Bros. Records. Watch the Radio X interview clip with Gallagher below.