Lié Truth or Consequences

Lié Truth or Consequences
Truth or Consequences comes in like a freight train and doesn't let up.
The latest from Vancouver post-punk trio Lié begins with "Pride," a sludgy and slow tune about someone being brought from a place of dominance to one of submission. Showing a good range of punk dynamics, Lié move from slow and rhythmic into blasting and overwhelming at the drop of a hat. Throughout, the album is full of intense lyrics that explore dominance and power, as on "Truth": "You're delicious when you cry." 
"Monumental," which comes around the halfway point, shows their range again as the short song features the inspiring cry, "Learn that you're monumental!" The album is aggressive towards the oppressors: "White Mice" cries out against "White youth, white lust, white sin, white disease / White privilege shining in your teeth," while "Big Enough" keeps the pressure on as they confront a manipulative abuser: "She's not lost enough for you / She's not weak enough for you / She's not drunk enough for you."
Lié show more of their wide range on "I Am," which starts out quiet and menacing, presenting a Helen Keller-type character who is deaf and incapable of speech, but affirms the person's power in an explosion of guitars. The album ends with a final song of defiance, bringing in a great riff to a repeated, increasingly loud chant of "You are not my god."
Lié pack an amazing amount of energy into Truth or Consequences, changing things up enough to show their talent, creativity and righteous passion. (Monofonus)