Less Than Jake Anthem

This is Less Than Jake's sixth studio album and it marks a minor departure from their previous sound. For the most part the songs on Anthem are hook-laden, poppy punk and rock numbers, which, in contrast to previous LTJ albums, use far less horns and offbeat guitars, and much more distorted guitars. The band still has a knack for writing songs with catchy choruses and lead singer Chris’s nasal voice hasn’t changed, so the album isn’t a disappointment and there isn’t a weak song on it. On the other hand, there also isn’t a song that reaches out and grabs you like "Dopeman,” or "Johnny Quest (Thinks We’re Sellouts)” did to me years ago. A solid album from these veterans, even if the horns aren’t blasting like they used to and they have gotten bit by the pop-punk bug, but it lacks that one great song that would bring it to the next level. (Sire)