Lesbians On Ecstasy Giggles in the Dark: Remixes

Remixing this raunchy Montreal-based troupe of raucous electro-trashing lesbians is as natural as lesbianism itself, especially considering most of their songs are dance floor-ready recreations of classic gay (closeted or otherwise) anthems. Giggles in the Dark features some truly memorable remixes, such as Sean Kosa’s tense and sweaty Peaches-esque version of "Tell Me Does She Love the Bass” (interpolating Melissa Etheridge’s "Like the Way I Do”), Tracy + the Plastics’ quaint and creative reworking of "Summer Luv,” Jody "The Warlock” Bleyle’s more grinding electro-fried version of the same tune, Ssion’s slow grinding spoken word remix of "A Queen’s Struggle” and Kids on TV’s playful, jumpy "Bitchsy.” But unfortunately, quite a lot of this collection’s weight lies on the disposable side, with a limp and useless contribution from the increasingly synthetic Le Tigre, among others by lesser-known artists who don’t need the negative naysay, but who could certainly benefit from a little inspiration. It’s not easy compiling an entire album of remixes that isn’t unbalanced and filled with its share of second-rate material, but Lezzies on X have given it a fair go, and their hardcore fans will undoubtedly appreciate it. (Alien8)