Les Savy Fav Reveal Root for Ruin Cover Art

Les Savy Fav Reveal <i>Root for Ruin</i> Cover Art
As we previously reported, all-around manic, reverb-loving indie rockers Les Savy Fav will release their fifth studio LP, Root for Ruin, on September 14, and now, we've got a cover to go with the tracklist.

Root for Ruin's cover is the multi-angle mirror/red fishnet photo above. We're not sure yet how it fits in with the album's sound, but we do know that the record is the product of the band working closely together with little outside input.

"With our last album, we wanted to cavort around the world and try some freaky stuff," said vocalist Tim Harrington in a press release, with the band's Seth Jabour adding that "with [Root for Ruin], it turns out we enjoy making love with one another more than with a group of strangers."

And if that's not enough to excite you, we don't know what is.

Root for Ruin:

1. "Appetites"
2. "Dirty Knails"
3. "Sleepless in Silverlake"
4. "Let's Get Out of Here"
5. "Lips n' Stuff"
6. "Poltergeist"
7. "High and Unhinged"
8. "Excess Engergies"
9. "Dear Crutches"
10. "Calm Down"
11. "Clear Spirits"