Les Hatepinks Tete Malade/Sick in the Head

Les Hatepinks play jittery, trashed-up power punk that is poised to set this band on a course for world domination. Since coming together in 2003 out of the detritus of the disbanded Gasolheads, Dollybird and Plastic Congelators, this quartet has been creating a ridiculous rock’n’roll world of sex, drugs and pizza. Tete Malade/Sick in the Head is a doorway into this French punk band’s antics and anthems, and it’s an invitation that’s impossible to turn down. As soon as the bass trickles out on "Sexual Liberation is for Animals,” and "un-deux-trois-quatre” is shouted out to give a short warning before the song teeters into a fuzzed out bubblegum romp, it’s obvious that this is well beyond the point of no return. But why would you want to leave anyway? The songs are silly (i.e., "My City is Sick of Pizza” and "Should I Kill Myself or Go Jogging?”) but this only increases the fun factor. The songwriting is bouncy and charged up, often calling to mind the hyperactivity of the Briefs, and Les Hatepinks don’t hesitate to play with sheer abandonment and rampant energy. (TKO)