Les Breastfeeders Question "the Nature of Time" on New Album

Les Breastfeeders Question 'the Nature of Time' on New Album
Montreal's Les Breastfeeders haven't released an album since 2006's Les Matins De Grands Soirs, but the Francophone rockers are finally ready to break the silence. On March 8, the group will drop Dans la Geule des Jours via Blow the Fuse.

For those who understand the band's French lyrics, the album will be dealing with some heady themes. According to a press release, "It was amidst a dizzying flurry of questions on the nature of time that the third opus by Les Breastfeeders, Dans la Geule des Jours, came into being." This resulted in music that "grafts philosophical inquiry onto a backdrop of hard-hitting rock'n'roll."

Stylistically, the collection promises to be a quirky blend of influences. Singer Luc Brien offered this compelling description of the album: "Les Breastfeeders are again pushing the limits of their rock/pop hybrid, not hesitating to slow the tempo down and bring in a four-piece string ensemble; to chop up a song's rhythm with the help of a South American marimba virtuoso; to tack on a chorus of savage-sounding children's cries to a fuzzy squall of guitars or to drift away in a daydream with the gentle lull of carnival organs."

You can get a taste of the group's new material in the form of the track "400 Milles," which is embedded in the widget at the bottom of this page. You can stream it or download it for the price of an email address. It's a catchy garage rocker that doesn't display any of the oddball arrangements mentioned above, although you can hear a saloon-style piano tinkling away in the background.

The band recorded the disc at Montreal's Stock Market with producers Joseph Donovan and Adrian Popovich. Etienne Charry of the '80s French pop group Oui Oui, collaborated on the track "Manteau de Froid."

In the coming months, Les Breastfeeders have a small handful of shows in Quebec and Ontario. The schedule is below.

Tour dates:

3/10 Montreal, QC - La Tulipe
3/11 Toronto, ON - El Mocambo (Bonsound CMW Showcase)
3/18 Shebrooke, QC - Granada Theater
4/1 Quebec City, QC - Le Cercle