Les Breastfeeders Les Matins De Grands Soirs

English Canada: prepare to meet Quebec’s best-kept rock’n’roll secret. Toronto got their first taste of the frenetic garage rockers when they rolled into town to support Joel Plaskett as part of CBC Radio 3’s See Vous Play showcase. The notoriously cynical music fans of the city were immediately won over — and rightfully so. No matter which official language you happen to speak, Les Breastfeeders’ tight musicianship and magnetic stage presence cannot be denied. Les Matins De Grands Soirs perfectly captures the band’s onstage urgency. Irresistibly catchy guitar riffs and Luc Brien’s punk rock howl dominate the record, with "Les Matins” reaching its boiling point on the fist-pump fest that is "En Dansant Le Yah!” But as was the case on 2004’s Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe, it’s Suzie Mc Lelove’s Lolita purr that is the most compelling thing about the band. Her voice is best showcased on the heartbreaking "Où Allez-Vous Si Vite?” This slower-paced quasi-ballad doesn’t slow things down so much as add welcomed dimension to the record. Mc Lelove also takes the reigns on "Funny Funiculaire,” a tune that is as much yéyé joyride as it is a new wave anthem. With nary a weak track in sight, Les Matins De Grands Soirs just might be the catchiest Canadian rock’n’roll record you’ll hear all year. (Blow the Fuse)