Leif Vollebekk "When the Subway Comes Above Ground" (video)

Leif Vollebekk 'When the Subway Comes Above Ground' (video)
Leif Vollebekk's North Americana has been out in Canada for the better part of a year, but it only just came out in the U.S. through Missing Piece Group. To mark the occasion, the Canuck songwriter has shared a video for the track "When the Subway Comes Above Ground."

The clip for this folk rocking tune was directed by Kaveh Nabatian. It illuminates a trip on the subway with a series of extended closeup cuts.

Nabatian said in a statement:

We decided that we liked the contrast between the music and the weird beautiful '60s sci-fi architecture of the Montreal metro. So we set out to make a grainy low-budget sci-fi folk video. But we quickly realized that we were more interested in the faces of the people on the subway. Filming peoples' faces in slow-motion while they hurtle through the bowels of the city ended up hypnotizing us. So we decided to throw away all of the pretty sci-fi stuff and try to hypnotize people who watch the video with long, slowly evolving images. And then we threw in Leif doing awesome/questionable dance moves at the trippiest metro station of all.

See Vollebekk's upcoming North American tour schedule here.