Legowelt 'The Occult Orientated Crime Album' (album stream)

Legowelt 'The Occult Orientated Crime Album' (album stream)
Electronic impresario Legowelt (a.k.a. Danny Wolfers) recently showcased his love of vintage dance music on the excellent Crystal Cult 2080 LP. Now, he's followed it up with a new ambient freebie.

The surprise album features 11 tracks and is credited to an artist called Occult Orientated Crime.

Further, the producer himself promises it to be a heady trip through experimental psychedelia, sharing the following statement:

Extremely trippy PRO ambient not just some jumbled up random chiliwave overcompressed 80s retro soggy biscuit jerkoff — this is PROFESSIONAL AMBIENT — 100 percent psychedelic drug music with perfectly finetuned selected frequencies to alter your state of mind and take you to complete loss of subjective self-identity: the result of years of experimentation and research.

Listen to The Occult Orientated Crime Album in full below.