Lee Fields & The Expressions "Just Can't Win" (video)

Lee Fields & The Expressions 'Just Can't Win' (video)
Lee Fields' own sticktoitiveness has kept him in the music biz for decades, but the soul vet also apparently has a side-gig imparting wisdom to a hungry fighter. Or at least it seems that way in the new video for the singer's boxing-themed video for new single "Just Can't Win."

Fields acts as a supporting role in the clip, playing a veritable Mickey Goodwill to his young boxing protege. While she gets a handle on hooks and jabs in practice, and channels the eye of the tiger in a pre-bout ritual, things prove to be more difficult for her once she enters the ring for a bloody match-up with another contender.

As Fields calls out in the smooth, old-style R&B cut, sometimes you just can't win, but perseverance is the key in this particular punch-up. You'll see how many rounds the fighters go via the video down below.

Fields' new Emma Jean album with the Expressions arrives June 3 via Truth & Soul Records. The band's North American tour schedule starts up tomorrow (May 29), with dates in Victoria and Vancouver set up for July. You'll see the schedule here.