Le Butcherettes

"La Uva" (ft. Iggy Pop) (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 8, 2015

If you've already picked up a copy of Le Butcherettes' new A Raw Youth album, you're no doubt already familiar with the band's heady "La Uva" collaboration with proto-punk icon Iggy Pop. Now, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the sessions that produced the track, with a music video showing the legend and Teri "Gender Bender" Suaréz doing a duet.

It's a fairly straight-forward video, featuring a dead-on shot of the two singers delivering their Spanish-language duet together. It's a comfortable experience, with the pair smiling their way through their respective performances.

The setting was Pop's Miami home, with the recording sessions coming under the guidance of producer member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, whose old band At the Drive-In had grabbed Pop for a quick performance on their Relationship of Command track, "Rolodex Propaganda." This is Iggy Pop's first Spanish recording.

It's a tranquil but trippy tune with a bit of a "Tomorrow Never Knows" groove to it, and you can fall under its spell down below.

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