LCD Soundsystem Hid a Secret Message on the Vinyl of 'American Dream'

An etching tells fans "SEE U IN 5 YEARS"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 22, 2017

LCD Soundsystem returned with American Dream this month, and as James Murphy told us, he would like to start working on a new record sooner rather than later. Now, according to some secret messaging found on vinyl copies of the band's latest release, we have a clearer idea of when that might be. 

If you're in possession of a vinyl copy of American Dream, a look at the LP's D-side will reveal an etching that reads "SEE U IN 5 YEARS." Of course, it's some self-deprecating humour in reference to their own five-year hiatus that they ended up returning from. You can find some proof of the American Dream etching below.

Messages in the runout grooves of vinyl records are hardly uncommon. The D-side of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories vinyl release reads "IF LOVE IS THE ANSWER YOU'RE HOME" in reference to their song "Touch," while some pressings of the Clash's London Calling feature the words "Tear," "Down," "The" and "Walls" on sides A, B, C and D, respectively. And those are just two of countless examples.

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