LCD Soundsystem 'American Dream' (album stream)

LCD Soundsystem 'American Dream' (album stream)
Dance-punk vets (and current Exclaim! cover stars) LCD Soundsystem have officially returned from retirement, and you can finally stream the band's first full-length since 2010's This Is Happening.
James Murphy and co. previously teased American Dream with the title track and "Call the Police," as well as "tonite," but now the whole 10-track offering is available.
"I knew that I just had to do the best record I could — and that was it," Murphy recently told Exclaim! "It was like, 'I know I know how to do this. If I work and I focus, and I don't compromise and I don't give up, it'll be a good record by my standards. I'm not so singular of a person that what I like will connect with nobody because I'm so unique.' I'm pretty un-unique, so I figure if I like it, other people will like it."
Put that theory to the test by taking the long-awaited American Dream out for a spin down below.
You can also find the group's upcoming North American tour dates here.