Lavender Diamond To Premiere "Interplanetary Ballet" Film

Lavender Diamond To Premiere 'Interplanetary Ballet' Film
It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from L.A.-based folksters Lavender Diamond. They released their album Imagine Our Love on Matador last year, followed it with a tour in support of peace on Earth and then silence. Little did we know, they’ve been secretly at work on a film to accompany Imagine Our Love and now it’s ready for its first public appearance.

On May 27, Lavender Diamond will give the world the first glimpse of the film, also titled Imagine Our Love, at a hometown show in L.A. In a statement released by the band’s publicist, the film is described as an "earth liberation fashion fantasy [in a] fairy tale of kaleidescopic proportions. Starring Lavender Diamond vocalist Becky Stark, directed by Maximilla Lukacs and with art direction by Alia Penner, the film is an extravaganza featuring Busby Berkeley-style dance numbers, animation, fanciful costumes and interplanetary ballet.”

Lukacs has previously directed the short film Kill Your Darlings with Citizens Band star Sarah Sophie Flicker, as well as Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello fame. She’s also behind a short film titled Lay Down Lean starring Zooey Deschanel (Almost Famous) and Karen Elson (Jack White’s supermodel wife).

While there is no word on other future screenings or a DVD release for the Imagine Our Love film, the sneak peek in L.A. comes as part of a Lavender Diamond variety show, which will also includes a puppet show, kissing booth, "super-deluxe dress-up photobooth” and "surprise treats.” Why do we get the feeling the "surprise” in the treats may be something of an illegal and likely hallucinogenic nature?

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