Laurie Spiegel's 'The Expanding Universe' Gets Reissue

Laurie Spiegel's 'The Expanding Universe' Gets Reissue
Avant-garde synth-and-software musician/computer programmer Laurie Spiegel delivered her first full-length album The Expanding Universe way back in 1980. In case you haven't found the rare album in premium used bins or on Discogs, the platter is being repressed this fall via Unseen Worlds.

While the original LP feature four lengthy pieces, including the 28-and-a-half-minute title cut that filled the B-side, this re-tweaked two-CD set, which arrives September 25, adds 15 more pieces to the mix. A limited vinyl repress showcases the original tracklist, but adds "A Folk Study" to side A.

A press release notes that the all-electronic collection features "slowly evolving textures with the emotional richness of intricate counterpoint, harmony, and complex rhythms," with influence pulled from John Fahey and J.S. Bach.

The music from the original edition of The Expanding Universe was composed between 1974 and 1977, and the rest of the expanded set includes numbers like "Kepler's Harmony of the Worlds," which was included on the Golden Record aboard the Voyager Spacecraft.

The two-CD set still has a few weeks to go before it's up for grabs at retailers, but you can stream the oscillated opener "Patchwork" in the player down below.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.

The Expanding Universe:

CD 1:

1. Patchwork
2. Old Wave 
3. Pentachrome 
4. A Folk Study 
5. Drums 
6. Appalachian Grove I
7. Appalachian Grove II 
8. Appalachian Grove III 
9. The Expanding Universe 

CD 2:

1. East River Dawn
2. The Unquestioned Answer
3. The Orient Express 
4. Clockworks 
5. Dirge I 
6. Dirge II 
7. Music for Dance I
8. Music for Dance II 
9. Kepler's Harmony of the Worlds
10. Wandering in Our Times