Laurel Aitken Rudi Got Married

Volume five in a collection chronicling the career of the "Godfather of ska" Laurel Aitken, Rudi Got Married is made up of songs recorded in the '80s. A singer with incredible longevity and popular among the skinhead scene, Aitken's style is low key - his voice never reaches any dizzying heights. The material here is some of his more popular work "Mad About You," "Sally Brown" and, of course, "Rudi Got Married" being the most notable pieces. Aitken's popularity may have to do more with his longevity and consistent presence in the scene rather than his actual work though, because the songs here aren't as strong as the work of many of his contemporaries. Overall, Rudi Got Married is a record of one of Aitken's stronger eras and is a testament to his longevity as a singer. (Grover)