Laura Marling "Once"

Laura Marling 'Once'
UK folkie Laura Marling's new Once I Was an Eagle LP comes out May 28 through Ribbon Music, but the award-winning artist is streaming the de facto title track "Once" now before the official due date.

A stripped-down arrangement of nimbly plucked acoustic guitar strings takes the lead in the front-end of the track, where Marling softly sings about a heart so dark, it's near-black. By the time the track hits the chorus, though, the pacing of the song gets a bit funkified as a laid-back drum groove and sensationally soulful gospel organ lines fill out those empty spaces.

You can sample the song in the stream down below.

As previously reported, Marling is already out promoting the set in North America and has upcoming shows booked in Toronto and Winnipeg. You can get the details over here.