Last Ex

Polish Combatant's Hall, Toronto ON, February 14

Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa

BY Ian GormelyPublished Feb 15, 2015

A rejected film score becomes the basis for a new venture from members of critically adored indie band — it's the kind of setup that makes music nerds froth at the mouth. Yet that's exactly how Last Ex, and their much-loved self-titled debut, were born.
The three-piece's members have moved around the Canadian music scene for years, but it's Simon Trottier and Oliver Fairfield's time in Timbre Timber that has really influenced Last Ex's overall vibe.

Their experience as performers really shone through; the material is a technical challenge that Last Ex met with aplomb. Some of the more ambient qualities were lost in the Polish Combatant's Hall's high-school gym acoustics, but the trio compensated by emphasizing the groove that lays at the heart of their music.
What lies ahead for this band remains to be seen, but they easily delivered the evening's best performance. 

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