Lary Kidd Is at the Top of His Game on 'Le poids des livres'

BY Antoine-Samuel Mauffette AlavoPublished May 13, 2021

Lary Kidd's signature adlib "Jeune homme!" speaks to the young rapper's career start as a founding member of formidable Quebec trio Loud Lary Ajust. The group's success sparked a regional rap renaissance, which culminated with the live realization of their braggadocious lyrics when Lary opened for Loud's grandiose 2019 Centre Bell arena performance.

On the solo tip, Lary has traversed between grim delirium on his 2017 debut Contrôle to the radical chic stylings of 2019's Surhomme. His most recent output, Le poids des livres, is a veritable tour de force that sees the MC simultaneously grounding himself in tradition while reasserting his trendsetting sound. A short yet impactful EP, it invites comparisons with Griselda's grimy approach, but sets itself apart because of Lary's stoic presence and slick wordplay.

Kidd takes the listener for a stroll down memory lane on the opening "Metro Vendôme," and he opens up about his moral dilemmas as we follow his drug running route on "De mon âme." The soulful samples from producer Ajust give a structure to the project and allow Lary to freely adjust his cadence to the beats. We get a taste of powder dreams on "Ville des anges" as Lary's inherent bravado perfectly matches the '80s soundscape. From the throwback phrases to the metaphors meanings weaved into each bar, it is clear that Lary is in his bag and can flex his penmanship effortlessly.

Lead single "Keys on the Table" embodies the overarching aesthetic that Lary and Ajust established throughout the project. Le poids des livres is sustained by the subtle interplay between the rapper's dense yet relatable lyrics and the vocal samples' nostalgic mood-setting. Lary positions himself somewhere between Pusha T's cocaine rap delivery and Westside Gunn's curatorial wizardry.

Ultimately, this EP is the potent result of two artists who have worked together for years and consciously decided to do the type of music they love to listen to. With a successful clothing brand (Officiel) under his direction, and having earned the respect of Quebec's rap aficionados, Lary has nothing to prove, so he ensures continuity by crafting a more-than-solid outing with a level of quality that cannot be ignored.

In one fell swoop, Lary silences the naysayers and feeds his hungry following with a project that will hopefully make the industry formally recognize his contribution to the culture.

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