Landing Centriphuge

Sonorous, atmospheric rock brought to you by Landing, who plays unconventional music from a conventional band set-up. Comprised of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals, gorgeous billowing soundscapes are unfurled, taking the listener on a deep and immersing journey. It seems that Landing is a band that has difficulty making mediocre music, as every track on this EP is very good, if not straight-up awesome. Each chord, strum and guitar loop ripples endlessly, like a stone-punctuated pond, containing just as much depth and enigmatic calm. Landing uses a combination of psychedelic instrumental ambience and rocking out, keeping their music engaging and fresh. If you like music by Windy and Carl, or Robert Fripp, check out these guys, they've enriched their brand of ambient music with a stronger melodic rock sensibility. (Music Fellowship)