Landing Passages Through

Passages Through is as good an album as anything this ambient-psych-spacy-drone-rock group has ever put out. Landing remains in top form, making more atmospheric rock with trademark wistful vocals by Aaron and Adrienne Snow. If you are new to the band, with a penchant for atmospheric dreamy music like Windy and Carl, then you might enjoy this recording. On the other hand, if you already listen to a lot of music put out by this prolific group, you will know that Passages Through sounds like Seasons, Fade-in/Fade-Out and their contributions to the New Found Land compilation. With the exception of tracks like "Hold Me Under” and "Wrapped Up In Flight,” which has acoustic guitar work, a direction previously not taken by the band. Other than these two tracks, Landing has pretty much made the same stuff as before. That said, Landing is still a very good band who has found their sound; but it is time for them explore more new sounds to express their lyrics or else find something new to say. (K)