Land of Talk's Liz Powell Officially Joins Broken Social Scene

Land of Talk's Liz Powell Officially Joins Broken Social Scene
Following some on-again, off-again live appearances with Broken Social Scene, Land of Talk's Liz Powell has officially been brought into the BSS fold. Via a MySpace blog entry, Powell shared the news recently, writing: "As some of you may know I happily joined the ranks of the Broken Social Scene. A soft light has broken inside me since entering their realm."

Last year, Powell frequently joined Broken Social Scene onstage, doing all the band's female vocal bits since Leslie Feist, Star's Amy Millan and Emily Haines of Metric have often been unavailable to perform with the group live.

"Being a member of [a] great band is a great thing for me in itself, but finding friends in that same band is a beautiful bonus," Powell said. "Thanks is all I have."

Despite the good BSS news though, it appears Powell won't be able to play in any sort of live capacity with either Broken Social Scene or Land of Talk in the near future. The songwriter said she is scheduled to undergo voice surgery at the end of January and as a result, has had to cancel most shows leading up to and for months after the operation.

"After [the surgery] I desperately need vocal rest, speech therapy, singing lessons and I've taken it upon myself to follow the Alexander Technique to help me with all things mind/spirit/body/performance," said Powell, who last year was forced to cancel several Land of Talk show due to her voice problems.

As it stands, Powell only has the following Land of Talk shows scheduled:

1/14 Guelph, ON -€“ E-Bar
1/15 Toronto, ON -€“ Horseshoe Tavern
1/16 Kingston, ON -€“ The Grad Club (Queens University)

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