Lagwagon Reveal New Album Plans

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 23, 2012

Seven years on from Lagwagon's last full-length effort Resolve, the Goleta, CA '90s skate punk favourites have announced that they've begun writing for a new studio album.

Vocalist/songwriter Joey Cape confirmed in an interview with Dying Scene that he's already started crafting the troupe's next punky platter. Inspiration struck him out on the road, while the band have been promoting last year's career-spanning compendium, Putting Music In Its Place. While Cape has apparently been whipping up some choice riffs for the as-yet-untitled record, he explained it may take a while to actually get the band into the studio.

"We take a long time to make records, but we have been touring this whole year to support that box set, and all the old stuff is really riffy," he said. "Honestly like doing that all year has kind of awakened something in me. Two months ago we were on tour in Europe and I woke up one day and was like, 'I got it, I know what to do!' and started writing. I have written a whole bunch of stuff, and basically we're waiting to finish out this tour and then the Australia tour, and after that we're gonna get in a room together. I've already talked to the other guys in the band about what we're gonna do."

While a projected release date is clearly a ways off, Cape noted that the band will take their sweet time to craft a quality collection. It's a feat he said the band have managed to pull off on all of their full-lengths, and noted the only time they rushed the writing/recording process was with the 2008 EP I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon, a record the band apparently isn't too proud of.

"It had a good title, but that's it," Cape admitted.

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