BY Sam SutherlandPublished Sep 13, 2008

Joey Cape been one of those guys we've just kind of looked up to since grade school. Lagwagon is a sick band. He sings well in it. And as we aged, so did he; he offered up Bad Astronaut, which was kind of like Lagwagon only more indie-ish and featured Elliott Smith covers, he did this stuff with the Playing Favourites that was really good, and he was in some other bands and produced some others. So he's awesome.

Lagwagon were part of that fabled early school of Epitaph and Fat pop-punk bands that dudes who liked Crass all hated but kids in the suburbs all loved. They were and are amazing, and from the look of the kids at their recent Toronto show, they're still connecting with new fans as well as old assholes like myself. Wow, we're bummers.

Lagwagon "Razorburn"

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