Lady Gaga Dognapper Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

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BY Allie GregoryPublished Aug 4, 2022

One of three men charged with armed robbery relating to the dognapping of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs (Gustav and Koji) has been sentenced to four years in prison.

The 20-year-old Jaylin White pleaded "no contest" to second-degree robbery yesterday (August 3) in a Los Angeles courtroom, after which Judge Richard Kemalyan handed down a three-year sentence for the robbery and one year for "gun enhancement because a different defendant was armed," Rolling Stone reports.

White faced off in court against dog walker Ryan Fischer who attested to his near-death experience after being attacked and shot by the three men on a Los Angeles street early last year.

"You left me bleeding out and gasping for my life," Fischer said in court. "I did almost die that night." Fischer went on to describe ongoing health complications including nerve damage, a collapsed lung and mobility issues. He added, "But it's the mental and emotional trauma you caused that night that's been much worse."

Judge Kemalyan accepted the terms of a deal that resulted in two charges against White — attempted murder and conspiracy — being dropped, despite Fischer's ongoing issues. The three defendants alleged that they targeted the dogs for the breed's value, not because of who they belonged to. 

"You didn't just steal dogs from me that night, you stole my livelihood," Fischer told White. "I've lost all my money. I'm in severe credit card debt, and I've become dependent on the kindness and donations of strangers, friends, and family just to survive."

The two other assailants — James Howard Jackson (the allegedly armed defendant) and Lafayette Whaley — have yet to be sentenced.

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