La Dispute "Polly"

La Dispute 'Polly'
Whether or not Frances Bean Cobain is interested, the rest of us are looking forward to Robotic Empire's upcoming Whatever Nevermind, a new album-length tribute compilation that sees punk and hardcore bands take on Nirvana's Nevermind in full. Today, we get another taste of the release courtesy of post-hardcore band La Dispute.

Here the group take on Nevermind's acoustic standout "Polly," which they've beefed up with electric instrumentation. Though they never break into full-on hardcore mode, they occupy a nice rocky middle-ground.

Speaking with AllMusic, who first premiered the track, the band's Adam Vass opened up about why they chose "Polly" with the following statement:

We had the option to do whatever Nirvana track we wanted, and it was daunting, because they have such a long list of really cool songs, and there was the initial struggle of deciding between a more popular song or a deeper cut that someone who only listens to the radio wouldn't have heard, and there are so many songs, and so many of them are good, we decided that "Polly" was the average between a deep cut and a popular radio song. And it's a pretty heavy song, thematically, which is something that our band is no stranger to dealing with, and with "Polly" being about a kidnapping and molestation, it was maybe a little bit farther than where we usually go, but we wanted to pick a song we could make a bit more vibe-y. The initial track is dark, and we tried to give a bit more life to it, which was a fun experiment.

Listen to La Dispute's "Polly" below. Whatever Nevermind arrives on Record Store Day (April 18).