L CON Insecurities In Being

L CON Insecurities In Being
L CON has been described as a songwriter and producer "who is gleefully unafraid of experimentation." And while that description can't be denied throughout much of the Toronto boundary pusher's new LP, Insecurities In Being, her bold forays never become overbearing.
Instead L CON (born Lisa Conway) maintains a sturdy pop sensibility throughout much of the LP. The experimental explorations are often precisely employed to give the songs distinctive, off-kilter elements that usually make them all the more memorable. "Try," for instance, features dissonant, stubby organ notes that first surprise the listener and prompt them to pay a little added attention, before amounting to a uniquely delicious texture.
"Some Sort of Sign," meanwhile, begins with swelling horn notes and later adds scattershot percussion as L CON sings. There's also "There Was a Glow," on which L CON sounds like she's singing from the bottom of a well, before gently wriggling guitar and muffled percussion thumps suddenly kick in. A few saxophone notes also serve as a surprise climax later on.
Throughout all these tangential elements, L CON utilizes smooth electric guitar solos, alluring percussion, bass lines and more to make the songs catchy, drawing you in before she knocks you off kilter with one of her left field ideas.
Her quirkiest inclination of all, however, is "You Were Right," whose staccato synth stabs and pulsing drum machine notes quickly build into a dance track that's practically suited for the pop charts. Yes, her most mainstream song of all stands as her biggest experiment, at least compared to her quirkier fare. Better still: by making us want to dance, while also pushing us out of our comfort zones and into fun, offbeat sonic forays, L CON strikes a deft and distinctive balance that we won't soon forget. (Wildlife Sanctuary Sound)