Kylie V's Elegantly Emotive Indie Folk Is an "Anomaly"

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BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 16, 2023

Two years on from 2021's excellent Big Blue and most of a year removed from last winter's The Runaway EP, Vancouver songwriter Kylie V picks up right where they left off on "Anomaly" — a tender ballad full of whispered confessions, with lyrics that leave a lot to the imagination and raw-nerve vocals that cut right to the heart.

Seemingly chronicling the end of a relationship, Kylie's note-perfect voice swoops and glides around a lush yet restrained indie folk arrangement that builds from gentle 6/8 strums to graceful crescendos of strings and synths — like a bedroom ballad blown up to widescreen proportions. There are no shortage of artists who make raw-nerve indie folk, but Kylie V's emotive elegance makes them a true anomaly.

(Aquarian Letters)

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