Kyle Bobby Dunn From Here to Eternity

Kyle Bobby Dunn From Here to Eternity
His first album in five years, From Here to Eternity sees Canada's Kyle Bobby Dunn explore vast vistas of emotion across an expansive 18 tracks. Although Dunn's compositions are so often sweeping and epic in scope, it's his ability to recover infinitesimal moments of contemplation from within his hulking compositions that reveals this album's emotional command.
This is an explorative LP, meaning that one is almost expected to discover these smaller moments within the wider expanse of the tracklist. Revealing themselves subtly, From Here to Eternity presents small shifts in the instrumentals that articulate long-lost memories.
"Boul. Gouin" begins with synth drones that sound organic, giving an impression of boundless and serene landscapes. Moreover, as the track continues, one begins to hear subtle blemishes on this contemplative cut, small variations that reveal subtle emotional climaxes in the ongoing composition.
Much like Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2, Dunn finds these glimpses of levity in order to deviate, albeit subtly, from an album that varies widely in emotional impact. The shortest track, "Videodrones des Questions," asks the listener to find a small, yet relieving, melody within an onslaught of fuzz and distortion.
Dunn's ability to subsume the subject into his detailed sonic landscapes with minor shifts in the onslaught of drones speaks to this album's ability to impact a wide-ranging listenership. From Here to Eternity serves as a masterful articulation of the power of ambient music. (Past Inside the Present)