Kyle Bobby Dunn "Entr'acte de Time Baby Infini"

Kyle Bobby Dunn 'Entr'acte de Time Baby Infini'
Montreal-based drone dude Kyle Bobby Dunn is set to embrace his inner Corgan on the upcoming triple-vinyl (or double-CD) album Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness. Incredibly, there were even some outtakes from the lengthy record, including the recently unearthed "Entr'acte de Time Baby Infini."

Over on SoundCloud, KBD writes, "Just a pretty sad number that didn't make the cut for the INFINITE SADNESS album. Utilisant some favorite French film dialogs, scientist recordings of the sun, and the voice of love."

The eight-minute track is another soothing, orchestral drone track that fits in nicely with the rest of Dunn's repertoire. Check it out below.

A limited press of Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness is available now from Students of Decay.